Soft feel , lightness and purity.

The special properties of the French angora are due to careful selection and hand harvesting by depilation .

Advantages: the longer hairs fit better in the wire , avoid felting, knitting make the most swelling and facilitate maintenance.

The French Angora incomparable and irreplaceable material : despite changing fibers in the hollow fibers and microfibers world and the dawn of biomimétriques son , angora Quality and Softness of France remain incomparable and irreplaceable material .

angora rabbit hair angora rabbit hair anthracite

Comfort and health

The angora can absorb 30 % of its weight in water without appearing wet , in the same way , perspiration is absorbed without runoff or cold effect .

Wire knitting

The whiteness of the Angora offers all possibilities of dye. Drying and fleuffage are the secret part of the transformation that gives over its pleasing appearance and softness.

Different fiber mixtures

- 40% Angora , 40% Merino , 20% Polyamide .

Ease of maintenance , the lightness and softness of angora await you . An ideal mix to convince and attract a new audience to appreciate and adopt the French Angora