It is in 1723 that the first Angora rabbits are found in France.

By 1800 the press talks about making angora: Marshal NEY wearing a coat angora during the retreat from Russia.
poil de lapin angora francaisThe physicians recommend rheumatic clothes angora for benefits, the heat that comes from this area.

Today it is in the great west that we are still the largest number of farms.
angora poil couleur anthracite



Rabbits are still high in the traditional way, their spacious cages are lined with a layer of straw to ensure warmth and comfort.
elevage de lapin angora
Their supplies are composed of a mixture of barley, oats and alfalfa hay.

Angora rabbits can live 6 to 8 years, they have the rare privilege of dying of old age.

When a natural molt every 90-100 days the fleece is harvested after the rabbit has absorbed in one meal, fodder depilatory effect: the lagodendron, which makes it very easy to quickly harvest and well respected animal welfare. Each hair removal gives 12 to 15 balls per rabbit.
douceur, legerete et purete
The selection and a suitable diet possible to obtain yields poiliers constantly growing 1kg / rabbit / year in 1980, 1.4 kg / rabbit / year in 2007.

The textile fiber: angora softness to the touch, lightness and purity.

The special properties of the French angora are due to careful selection and hand harvesting by depilation.